Minty Flavours

Carolina Cool

Tradewinds Tobacco
Infused with a blast of menthol that leaves you with a frosty exhale.

Chilled Kiwi

Long White Vapour
Strong notes of kiwifruit and dragon fruit with a cool hit of menthol.
$18.99 $15.99
Sweet and sour apple cider with a cool menthol blast waiting to strike your palate.

Ice Ice Baby

The Vapour Boutique
A cool refreshing menthol vape with undertones of sweet spearmint.


A refreshingly cool menthol vape. Great on its own, or as an additive.

Sundae Drive

Long White Vapour
A creamy mint chocolate chip icecream vape. Go on, you've earned it.
$18.99 $15.99

Sundae Drive MAX VG

Long White Vapour
Creamy mint chocolate chip icecream, now available in MAX VG.

White Menthol

Long White Vapour
Long White Vapour's Premium Tobacco Blend with a cool hit of Menthol.
$18.99 $15.99