Candy Flavours

Mouthwateringly sweet and slightly tangy fluffy blueberry cotton candy.

Candy Apple

The Vapour Boutique
A candy-like tangy apple flavour that will tingle your taste buds.
$14.99 $12.99
Freshly popped popcorn drizzled with sweet caramel.

Devil Teeth VG HEAVY

Nasty Juice
Soft and juicy honeydew melon with a slight chill on the exhale.
$34.99 $29.99
An enchanting combination of sugary bubblegum and candy fruit flavours.
Juicy watermelon and delicious bubble gum. A match made in vaping heaven.
A rainbow of fruit flavours. Sweet and slightly tangy, just like the real thing.

Original Bubble Gum

Long White Vapour
The full flavour of real bubble gum, not too sweet and deliciously powdery.

Original Bubble Gum MAX VG

Long White Vapour
A truly authentic bubble gum flavour, now available in MAX VG.
A delicious strawberry cotton candy flavour, sure to bring back childhood memories.
A juicy and sticky raspberry candy. Remarkably tart and satisfyingly sugary.
Freshly spun strawberry flavoured candy floss from the circus.

Strawnanabobana MAX VG

Big Jack's Elixirs
A seriously tasty strawberry and banana flavoured bubble gum vape.

Tutti-Frutti VG HEAVY

The Mushroom Cloud
Satisfy your sweet tooth with this sweet blend of candy fruit flavours.